International Gaming Guides

International Gaming Guides for Italy and the UK

There’s very little difference between the gaming guides developed for US gaming and those for Italy like the popular Slot Gratis guides There, however, are a few countries in which some gaming guides and some games are not permitted. In Germany, the gaming market is very different as that country does not allow certain games that contain excessive violence.

In other countries, like the United States, online casinos are still not permitted and so gaming guides would not be as appreciated there. However, UK and Italy both have a thriving gaming industry and international gaming and casino guides do very well in both nations. Ireland especially, has a great market for gaming guides and online gaming videos because of the vast amount of patrons of online bookies and online and offline casinos.

The US has a need for gaming guides for video games, but if you also consider the offline casinos, then gaming guides for how to play poker and how to play blackjack still have a good market. Even though the state of the gambling laws is fluctuating currently, it is still a viable market for gaming guides, but only if they are targeted to casino players.

Strategies are an excellent area for gaming guides to focus on. Strategy gaming guides are more universal and especially if they are international gaming guides that have a broad focus on games such as Baccarat, slots and poker. Poker, even though it started in Texas, has now spread from the United States to UK, Italy and even more countries. Backgammon is also a surprisingly popular topic for gaming guides internationally.